Brush your teeth right after meal?

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Brush your teeth right after meal?

#1 Post by chinglnc »


I am getting my first tray tomorrow, very excited!

Since we only have 2 hours for cleaning & eating etc, do you brush your teeth right after every meal? Or do you wait for 1/2 hour first?

Thank you

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Re: Brush your teeth right after meal?

#2 Post by invizzlerizzle »

I brush mine after every meal, and when I don't have a toothbrush I just swish some water around and spit it out.

had 5 cavities filled recently and at that time i was drinking and eating and not brushing. had one filled between the front two teeth . :GapToothed:

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Re: Brush your teeth right after meal?

#3 Post by meizhatian »

If you spend a long time eating (like 40min-1hour) then probably don't wait any longer. Otherwise I'd take a brief break like 15 min before brushing.

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Re: Brush your teeth right after meal?

#4 Post by svar2201 »

I brush after every meal. I use an electric brush in the morning, and before bed. I carry around an ordinary toothbrush and an interdental brush when I go outside the house during the rest of the day. On weekends or when I am working from home, I sometimes get lazy and just use the waterpik floss between meals in the day. I floss 3 times a week manually though i should be flossing manually every day.

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Re: Brush your teeth right after meal?

#5 Post by inkygirl »

I brush after every meal, as soon as I can....though I'm not as rigorous about timing as I was in the beginning of my treatment (when I always set a timer). I'm about 2/3 way through my trays. On rare occasion when I can't brush right away, like when I'm on a long plane flight without Wisps, I will rinse my mouth out with bottled water, pop my trays back in, and do a proper floss/brush as soon as I'm able.

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Re: Brush your teeth right after meal?

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I floss, rinse, and brush after every meal then immediately reinstall the mouth-rig. I keep meals short and endeavor to pack a lot of calories into them 'cause I do not snack during the work-day. By the time I'm winding down in the evening, I can remove the trays for a couple hours and eat popcorn, drink soda, have some dessert, etc. I really look forward to having the aligners out for that period. My orthodontist said to keep the aligners in 20-22 hrs./day; ideally 22. I shoot for 21. :wink:




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