Invisalign: Move back teeth forward to close gaps?

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Invisalign: Move back teeth forward to close gaps?

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I have moderate-severe crowding, which has caused my front teeth to become very crooked. I don’t mind crooked teeth so much, but my top front tooth (lateral incisor) sticks right out (there is only a 2mm gap for it), and it makes me quite self-conscious (mouth always firmly closed when I smile in pictures!).

I don't think I could cope with wired braces so I’ve gone to an ortho who has done lots of Invisalign. He wants to extract 4 2nd premolars to create space for the crowded teeth. To help close some of the remaining space, the plan is to move the back 3 molar teeth forward. I don’t really understand how this works, I thought you could only move front teeth back. I’ve tried to find examples of this on the Internet, but haven’t found any.

I have my Clincheck video, which does show the back teeth taking up the remaining space, but then people say that the Invisalign video isn’t always accurate.
Has anyone had something similar to this?

Any advice or similar stories would be greatly appreciated, as I’m now starting to doubt my decision. I have already given a deposit and approved the plan, but haven’t had my teeth extracted yet, so I could still pull out. I don't want to start something that might go horribly wrong!


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Re: Invisalign: Move back teeth forward to close gaps?

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As in many other threads, the ability of your doctor to show you an Invisalign video means nothing. The important part is whether the doctor has planned movements that will actually occur in your mouth. Most of my videos look nothing like what I want the final result to end up like. However, this is done purposefully in order to make sure the teeth actually move to where they should go.

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Re: Invisalign: Move back teeth forward to close gaps?

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Hi lilymouth,

At one of my orthodontic consultations, my orthodontist suggested me a similar approach for Invisalign (see my post in the other thread). However, I'm stil awaiting a couple more consultations so am undecided whether I will choose this alternative.

Good luck if you decide to move forward with your procedure. Keep us posted :D

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Re: Invisalign: Move back teeth forward to close gaps?

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I am curious to hear if anyone else had success with this. My ortho proposed the same and I have similar concerns. (As well as the usual extraction related worries)

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