Can my earache be due to elastics?

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Can my earache be due to elastics?

#1 Post by unimaginative »

The strength of my bands has recently been increased and at the same time I started getting ear-ache in one ear. For the last few months, though I did not have pain directly in my ear, I did have the problem of the ears feeling congested and needing to constantly yawn to 'pop' them. Can this be the elastics or something else? Not sure if I should discontinue elastics and my ortho is hard to get hold of as he works in a hospital. Its another 3 weeks to my ortho appt.

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#2 Post by purpleteeth »

I know my jaw hurts sometimes when I get my elastics changed by the ortho, which causes pain in my ears. It usually goes away within a few days though. New elastics tend to cause my TMJ to flare up, especially when I get a really different arrangement or have a drastic change in the strength of elastics.

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#3 Post by PigletInIowa »

I'm in my first elastic strength and I've had jaw joint pain (went away after 10 days), ear congestion (I bend down like bowing deep to make it go away), and sometime ear pain (sporadic). I'm not sure if it's normal or not, but it did happen to me...

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Re: Can my earache be due to elastics?

#4 Post by Brxndnxw »

I'm experiencing this right now! I got put on stronger elastics and headgear (a face mask) for bed time. Both of my ears, but more so my left, feel like they're burning or infected. I've heard that naproxen helps with the pain but I'm not entirely sure.

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Re: Can my earache be due to elastics?

#5 Post by BeautifulDisaster »

That has happened to me, and I second purpleteeth with it being in connection to a TMJ flare up. Before I got braces, I had an "earache," which my general practitioner diagnosed as TMJ. I was having similar ear/jaw pain while wearing braces to bed, and it has gone away on its own. If your bite is off, there's a good chance that it is a TMJ flare up.

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Re: Can my earache be due to elastics?

#6 Post by Samiross23 »

It could be. Even when I get my braces tightened one of my ears hurt. It's kind of a throbbing feeling. I think if it were an ear infection it would be excruciatingly painful and the canal may be swollen.

Does it hurt constantly or just periodically throughout the day? If it's random, pay attention to see if you were eating right before or if you slept wrong etc. my face and mouth hurts in a new place every month.

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Re: Can my earache be due to elastics?

#7 Post by Zara9 »

I have had a face mask 24/7 for 2 months and never experienced that before. Possibly the elastics

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Re: Can my earache be due to elastics?

#8 Post by djspeece »

Umm, the original post is like 9 years old. I have a feeling the problem has been resolved.

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