ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

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ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#1 Post by msw »

They're off, y'all! Well, the top brackets, at least. The orthodontist wants to keep the bottoms braces on for at least another 6 weeks to let some gaps close. I'm perfectly fine with that, because you really can't see them.

I'm SO pleased with the results. All the awkwardness, annoyance, and inconvenience of having braces for the past 17 months - and even having to celebrate my Dirty 30 with a metal mouth - was TOTALLY, POSITIVELY, 100% worth it.

I'm going back to get my Essix retainer at 2 pm today, and you can guaran-damn-tee that I'll actually wear it this time. I am NOT doing this a third time!

My results!!! (I'm going to my dentist on Monday to get the chip on my front tooth fixed - WOO!)
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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#2 Post by Featheryy1221 »

Congrats on getting the tops off! They look awesome! :)

Estimated treatment time: 18 months. (6 months- expander, 1 year- braces)
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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#3 Post by millersgirl »

:jump: :jump: They look great!!


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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#4 Post by TheProfessor »

Looks great! Congratulations!
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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#5 Post by Nozzelnut »

Great smile! Congrats!
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Double jaw surgery was 6/18/15. Estimated time Jan 2016; still on at my 2 year anniversary...
Braces removed 7/20/18; upper and lower Hawley and Essix retainers with bonded lower too.
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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#6 Post by msw »

Thanks, y'all! I had a wonderful orthodontist - a fellow Bulldawg! - and I wore my elastics like it was my J-O-B. And I wasn't afraid to speak up for myself and express my concerns along the way. I think these things were really important.

Can't wait to celebrate y'all when YOUR big day comes around!


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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#7 Post by djspeece »

Great result, congratulations!

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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#8 Post by teeebeee »

What a lovely picture of what would, to me if I saw you in the street, just look like perfect teeth! :)

T xx

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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#9 Post by NeilH »

What a great result, congratulations!

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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#10 Post by kelly88 »

Congratulations! They look amazing :D

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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#11 Post by rhibee83 »

wow! they look fantastic :)

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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#12 Post by mapleleafman888 »

WOW msw, they look GREAT! Welcome to this side of braces (or at least 1/2)haha!!!!
My story: ... =9&t=45354
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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#13 Post by kenc127 »

Congrats msw! That's really great news. Enjoy feeling better and smiling more!

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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#14 Post by Lorianne »

Congrats! You look absolutely beautiful!!

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Re: ByeBye (Top) Braces!!!

#15 Post by Ridingboots »

Your teeth look great and LOL @ wearing retainer this time around am sure you have learnt your lesson well :BigGrin:

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