Normal to have tiny gap?

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Normal to have tiny gap?

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On my bottom three teeth in the front, there is the tiniest gap between the aligner and tooth (about a fingernail's width). It's the only teeth that are this this normal?

Also I don't feel much pain at all, is this normal as well? I've been doing the 22 hrs :)

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Re: Normal to have tiny gap?

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Yes, the gap is normal. Your orthodontist should have given you "chewies" so that you can make sure that the aligner fits as snugly as possible, but there is still supposed to be a tiny gap between the aligner and the edge of the incisors. Also, when you first put an aligner in it might not fit perfectly, but as the two weeks goes on you'll notice that the trays sit better and that gap will be less visible.

And no, it's not weird to not feel any pain. I never felt any pain with the first tray I wore (to be honest, I think my orthodontist had it set so that my first tray mirrored my starting point and didn't actually do anything in the way of movement). And even since then, it can be variable. Rarely, if ever, does a tray hurt when I put it in. If I do have soreness it generally doesn't kick in until 12-36 hours later. And there have been some sets that really haven't been painful at all.

Congrats on starting your journey! Hope it's a smooth one.

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Re: Normal to have tiny gap?

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The gap is normal but you must consult to orthodontist for proper alignment. My sister is having the same problem and she is taking proper care for it. You can also take suggestions at Hope this will be helpful to you.

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