Last teeth (2nd Molars) not banded?

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Last teeth (2nd Molars) not banded?

#1 Post by vegathestar »

Hi everyone, i'm 5 months into my treatment and I realised my 2nd molars are not banded at all but they're awfully crooked. :? They're tipped outwards (slanted towards the insides of my cheeks) and they cause bad ulcers sometimes.

Anyone else in the same predicament? I developed my 2nd molars when I was around the age of 13-14 and I started getting 'jaw locking problems' ever since. I've looked up on the internet and I think thats called TMJ?
Would I be potentially screwing up my TMJ even more if I request for my orthodentist to straighten my 2nd molars with brackets?

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Re: Last teeth (2nd Molars) not banded?

#2 Post by Clairebear1993 »

Ur ortho is the best person to answer ur question... I think u should just ask his opinion
I am no expert only having mine on for 2 days but mine arnt banded at all either so I don't know (mine tilt in towards my tounge) I am going to ask at my next appointment about it

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Re: Last teeth (2nd Molars) not banded?

#3 Post by Bracer215 »

My second molars were not banded until 10 months into treatment. I am now about 17 mo into treatment and the second molars are aligned with the rest of my teeth. You may want to ask you ortho if he intends to band them in the future. :D

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Re: Last teeth (2nd Molars) not banded?

#4 Post by ashesgap »

Mine were banded around the 6th month. Wasn't something I ever talked to the ortho about, and he just decided in the middle of an appointment that they were going on. It is a good idea to ask, especially if that's an area of concern for you.
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Re: Last teeth (2nd Molars) not banded?

#5 Post by Noni »

My 2 nd molar is not bonded as well , although My crossbite is being corrected but every time I visit my ortho I ask him about the lower left second molar b/c I feel that it needs to be pushed slightly inwards but he thinks that it's fine !

I remember when I had my braces for the first time (as this is my second journey in braces :| ) I had molar bands on my second molars.

Each case has its own requirements and each ortho sees it differently

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