When will I be able to eat some sort of solid food

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When will I be able to eat some sort of solid food

#1 Post by Dotty65 »

I am 65, procrastinated with braces until now. I am fairly miserable. I struggled today with baked cod.
Its fish its soft but not flounder soft
Green bean casserole..I managed to eat but it was uncomfortable
This is pretty soft food, eating canned corned beef hash often, to point where I am sick of it but it goes down easy
hamburger,ground chicken, was hard. In pot pie I could not eat the little cubes of chicken at all,, same with bits of meat in canned Progresso soup,, Orthodontist said eat soft foods, I guess I didn't realize near baby food consistency

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Re: When will I be able to eat some sort of solid food

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Here are some tips that can help you!

https://www.archwired.com/soft-food-sug ... al-braces/

It gets better! The first few weeks are the hardest. Hang in there! :tingrin:
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Re: When will I be able to eat some sort of solid food

#3 Post by HappySmile123 »

Hi , well I am into my second month of braces. I am 58 years old and I too procrastinated. The first few weeks were tricky. Rice, mashed potatoes, pudding, applesauce. Chewing meat is usually a hit or miss. Chicken yes, steak, not so much. I actually was afraid I would end up choking from trying to eat certain things.
My advise: Your braces are a big commitment, financially, and a long term dedication. Reside to the idea that until they come off you may not be able to eat like the old days. This is the sacrifice you have to make for better teeth. I believe the trade off will be well worth it. My first trip back to the orthodontist she asked how I was doing. I said, well besides the fact that I eat and drool like a one year old I am doing great. If there is discomfort I embrace it that my teeth are moving and this is a good thing.
Is it fun having braces, not really, but neither was feeling embarrassed by my crooked teeth. Enjoy the journey and know the sacrifices your making are going to be well worth it.

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Re: When will I be able to eat some sort of solid food

#4 Post by bigheadedfrog »

I'm 63 and got braces a month ago. I still can't chew like before but I've adapted by grinding up certain foods like nuts and oranges. I'm just happy to have my braces overall, and it's not that big a deal to me.

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Re: When will I be able to eat some sort of solid food

#5 Post by Danielle »

I got braces at 28. For me, the best thing was to chew through the soreness. There was plenty of poking early on. Wax was an absolute must. And of course the soreness that accompanies wire changes and the early days of braces. Chew. Chew like normal. I’m telling you the soreness will be gone in a day or two. Wax up and chew! My Dentist/Orthodontist advised this approach and she was absolutely right. Babying myself with soft foods only prolonged the soreness. Chewing like nothing was bothering me was the best way to alleviate that soreness.
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Re: When will I be able to eat some sort of solid food

#6 Post by Wire »

I got braces at 42,currently 6 months in. The first month was hell, only liquid diet for the whole month! I ate a lots of soups which I had to blend really well, smoothies, homemade protein shakes... Nutribullet was my best friend. My husband cooked pasta one night and I really wanted some so I put the past plus the sauce into the blender. Eeek! Not good 😂 i lost lots of weight and couldn't wait to eat solid food again. I can eat almost everything now but I still eat very slowly, my bite is normal on one side only. I know some people can eat almost normally straight away,,and my bite was normal before getting braces, but my teeth require a lots of big movements so I guess its very individual. I don't mind the weight loss, the weight stayed off so at least I feel now confident on the beach 😀( not so much taking to people or smiling, in that sense I feel pretty hideous). I hope you will be able to eat pain free soon! All the best.

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