8 years post-op in a unique position (Lefort 1 & Alar Cinch related)

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8 years post-op in a unique position (Lefort 1 & Alar Cinch related)

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Hi again all. I used to post here years ago during my recovery and created a new account to share my situation with. Maybe someone might be able to provide some insight into my particular circumstance, or justify making a decision regarding another potential surgery to remove one non absorbable (does not dissolve) alar cinch suture (under the nose)

I had an open bite and a lefort 1 to close my bite and also help fix related tmj, ear and other issues that persisted worse at the time. I'm happy with my result overall, however one year post op (so, like 7 years ago now) I remember having an infection and the surgeon had to cut my upper gum area open in the office. It has puss coming out sometimes and I didn't see the surgeon for about a month.

In the office, while I was awake (I guess because the surgeon felt like that was best) they attempted to numb me time and time again, make an incision in my upper gum and pry stuff open a bit to drain the infection and he removed one alar cinch suture. It was very painful, and at that moment he figured that he may as well remove the other one while he is in there. My pain level was high, and they couldn't numb me and he decided to stop and leave it be, and said that it shouldn't be an issue leaving it the way it is.

I feel a sort of tightness in the area directly under my nose and I'm unsure if it's the alar cinch that's still in place, or whether over time I am now experiencing a sort of side-effect of still having that one in there and it has generated a high level of anxiety for me.

I scheduled an appointment with my surgeon after many years to ask him about it and what my options might be. If you were in my position, how do you think you might feel, or what would your thought processes be?

Thank you. I'm having a bit of a hard time at the moment. Overall I'm very happy with the outcome, but the idea of another thing (even if it's a minor surgery) gives me stress because the infection situation explained above was a little traumatic for me lol

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Re: 8 years post-op in a unique position (Lefort 1 & Alar Cinch related)

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In my opinion it’s worth investigating the cause if it’s bothering you, even if you end up doing nothing about it. Note that puss in an infected area usually requires much more local anesthesia (multiple times more than usual) in order to numb the area. I also learned that too late to help myself :lol: But rest assured that now that the infection and puss have cleared, a second surgery shouldn’t be nearly as traumatic! :thumbsup:
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