Relapse and Retainers, Part Two

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Relapse and Retainers, Part Two

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I posted a question similar to this yesterday, but I wanted to bring it to another board.

So, I got my upper and lower braces off a while ago, and my ortho has been focused on my top row, because I had a large space beforehand, and the day I got my uppers off, it relapsed within a few hours. I have had a Hawley retainer which they adjusted, and I eventually was given an Invisalign one. No matter how much I wear it, it seems that the space always comes back. It's a naturally settled one, but the Invisalign closes it, but it always starts to open up again. None of my other teeth have relapsed since, but do notice that there is still minor spaces in my canines, which weren't fully closed. My wisdom teeth are coming in as well, but I wanted to ask, could that be part of why the space isn't fully disappearing? Also, if I wear the Invisalign for a number of weeks, will the space close? Any help would be great!! Thanks for your time guys. :)

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