Surgery in January?

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Surgery in January?

#1 Post by sweetgreenpixie »

My surgery is scheduled for January 24th. Anyone else have surgery coming up this month? I am just now starting to get really nervous. I will have lower jaw surgery only. I have not had any in patient surgery before. Somebody please tell me it's not as bad as I'm thinking it will be.

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Re: Surgery in January?

#2 Post by wassupwidit »

I had my lower jaw surgery on the 21st December. It's honestly not that bad. I hardly felt any pain but bare in mind every one is different. The hardest thing for me has been being wired and having a splint in. My splint is due to come out at 4 weeks Post OP. Due to being wired and having a Splint, it's basically impossible to talk.This has been very hard for me as I cannot go back to work without being able to speak.

Ultimately everyone is different and it will be up to your surgeon whether you're wired and have a splint. The worst you'll experience is the first few days. After that you start to feel fine. Any questions pls let me know.

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Re: Surgery in January?

#3 Post by PierreDeFermat »

I can't speak to the experience of orthognathic surgery, but I had a septoplasty twice to correct trauma to my noise and it went as follows:

You change into a gown, go over some paperwork, they start a small IV (might be a little cold), and once the OR is ready they start wheeling you over there and...

You wake up! Seriously, it feels that fast, as if you just blinked and you're already done.

After that there's a bunch of nurses/doc around you and you feel super, super tired but you eventually come to and your "brain fog" goes away within 10 min, it's really spectacular.

Remember, it's only a few hours of discomfort for the change of a lifetime...

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Re: Surgery in January?

#4 Post by DroolQueen »

its funny you are going under the knife the same day i'm getting my splint taken out. as for difficulty level, i would say that if you compared it to wisdom teeth removal, the wisdom teeth removal is extreme pain, over a shorter period of time like a month. jaw surgery is a delayed release of that pain, over the next 4-6 months, if that makes any sense. So the intensity is not as bad as wisdom teeth, but it is psychologically distressing for some and your body ends up just feeling weak/messed with and putting up "fits" every once in awhile. People with post op TMJ pain, nerve tingling/stinging and tooth discomfort know what i mean.

I can say now in the 2nd week post op i am so glad the first 4 days are behind me, and I am able to finally put my syringes away and drink out of a glass and fork tiny scraps of scrambled egg into my mouth. I hope none of what i'm saying dissuades you, I feel that i have come out of this experience a stronger person and more appreciative of life, my body and what it can put up with. Being banded shut for the first week meant I had to go through life silent and just observant, and that felt strangely enlightening. I also noticed I went through an unintentional "cleanse" Where my skin looks flawless, I've lost unhealthy excess weight, and eaten much cleaner/ better than I ever have in my entire life. People might actually be jealous of you in the 3rd/4th week with how good you'll start looking 8).

I can't stress enough how important it is that the week before you go to the hospital, you get your bedroom, house and general healing space prepped and in order. I started planning what broths i would drink, protein powder, supplements and on the day before i went to the hospital, i vacuumed my bedroom and changed my sheets and completely utterly cleaned my bedroom. I even bathed the dog so i knew she wouldn't contaminate me with anything after i came out of hospital :lol: and when I got home the day after, i was so grateful that I had done all those preparations because it just makes you feel better to be healing in a place that feels clean and tidy.

If you are made to wear elastics, do it. Also take 3,000 mg of bromelain daily starting now and then continue it once you can open your mouth wide enough to swallow the pills. Don't get hooked on pain meds. And i highly suggest getting dissolvable arnica montana tablets on amazon. I got hyland's brand. And a good daily multivitamin you take in morning after breakfast, dont take it at night or youll have worst sleep of your life (b12 keeps you awake). If you have anymore questions let me know, ill stop here with my essay lol.

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