Implant discoloration?

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Implant discoloration?

#1 Post by Tina2440 »

I had my implants done about one month ago, both upper and lower. I just noticed that on two of the bottom teeth-one almost in front and the other is all the way in the back- each has a small, round spot that is discolored. It's an off-white/ light yellow color. Any idea what this is? I am going to call the dentist but they are closed today and tomorrow. I am nervous and hope I did not ruin them but I haven't done anything out of the ordinary!

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Re: Implant discoloration?

#2 Post by PinkPeep »

Could it be the material they used to fill the screw holes?

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Re: Implant discoloration?

#3 Post by FixMyTeeth »

Unless it tastes/smells gross or is oozing pus, it's probably just white blood cells or other material from the gums healing, but certainly ask your dentist about it if you're worried.

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