Just 5 months?

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Just 5 months?

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Hey y'all. So after my initial consultation last week, my dentist called today to tell me that my ClearCorrect treatment plan would include just 3 aligners on top and 5 aligners on the bottom for a total of 5 months of treatment. This is for a relapse case, and obviously I'm ecstatic that I won't have to go back into metal braces. But the really short treatment time has me wondering if I should get a second opinion? Is that even enough time to move the roots?

I guess my teeth aren't that bad? My top retainer (Hawley) still fits even after 13 years, although it is a bit tight. My bottom retainer fits completely on one side, but I can't even get it down on the other side. I have crowding on the bottom and my deep bite has started to come back, but I suppose this is a rather quick fix if he's saying only 5 months?

I go back next week for records, X-rays, pictures, and additional information. Is there anything in particular I need to make sure to ask?

Thanks, y'all! I am SUPER-EXCITED to start getting my old smile back! :BigTeethGrin:

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Re: Just 5 months?

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Hi Msw! I currently have invisalign and mine is also a relapse case. I have 13 sets of trays for both upper and lower. Which will take me about 6.5 months. You have 5 aligners for your bottom and that equals out to 5 months? How often do you have to change your aligners for clear correct is it also 2 weeks like invisalign? If your teeth haven's shifted much 5 months seems to be accurate. I'm just confused of how long you have to wear each aligner.

I'm also happy that I can do clear aligners :). I couldn't imagine having to have braces again. When I had braces it was for 3 1/2 years and I also had a lower expander that would always pop off, it was not fun! Being only about 11 years old at the time I would always get into trouble from my parents and orthodontist about my expander coming off even though I did not really do anything for it to come off. Although I do regret not having my permanent retainer replaced which is the reason why I have to have invisalign. Clear aligners are a lot harder to have though since you are 100% responsible for having your aligners in 22 hours of the day unlike conventional braces which are just there and working on straightening your teeth 24/7, but I still think it is worth it.

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