Months between adjustments??need advice

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#16 Post by VA5 »

Margie wrote:I have self-ligating braces and when I first started my adjustments were about 12 weeks apart, the longer I have been in braces the shorter the time between adjustments. My adjustments are 3 weeks apart now that I am nearing the end of treatment.
My appointments are shrinking too. 3 weeks must be nice, though!!!

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#17 Post by Takako »

My first appointments were 8 weeks apart, then 6, then 4. Now they're usually 6 or 4 weeks apart, although I did have one 9 week stretch due to my ortho giving birth (adorable!).

Ice runner
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#18 Post by Ice runner »

my first 2 or 3 appointments were every 14 weeks, then 10, 8 months and now on every 4 weeks. so dont worry, zhings will start moving faszer.

p.s. My treatment is also free for me (insurance)

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#19 Post by margarita »

I have ceramics on top and metal on the bottom and i've had about 5 adjustments (I think :? ) and each one has been 10 weeks apart. My estimated treatment time was 12-18 months and i'm getting them off at 11 months so don't worry! I was concerned too as I thought I would be back once a month...

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#20 Post by Squara square face »

I have had really random timings between my appointments. The first was 6 weeks, 2nd 8 weeks, 3rd 10 weeks. My next one they have not yet given me an appointment as I need an hour for the next one and they are so busy (one of the orthos is on maternity leave) but it should be 8-10weeks.

When they gave me my first 10week appointment I asked them why it was so far away and they replied it was normal at this stage of treatment. I always have the wires changed and an appliance I have tightened.

I am also getting treatment for free (NHS England for medical reasons) and personally think I am very lucky even if it takes a few more months then if I went private. Just my personal feeling though. Would be great if they could speed them up though :)

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