Couple of odd questions....

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randirocks wrote:I'm actually kind of sad that I have self-ligating braces. I really wish I could get colored ligs. They are super cute. I know that cleaning my braces is easier but still!

Ask your Ortho if he/she will put colored ligs on for you. I have self ligating brackets and my Ortho would do it for me if I asked him to. Personally I don't want them, but my 12 year old has colored ligs on his and my 8 year old will be getting colors also at his next adjustment.

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Re: Couple of odd questions....

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BracketRacket wrote: Also, I've noticed a sensitivity to a certain type of toothpaste. I started using Crest Whiting Expressions in cinnamon (not crazy about mint, how weird am I :oops: ?) and it seems to irritate the outside of my mouth. I would think if it were a true allergy, the inside of my mouth and gums would react, but it's just the outside that gets a bit pink (first I thought the color was just staining) and "weird" feeling. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?

Thanks guys!
I've had a similar problem for years with toothpastes. They always made my mouth and lips feel like they were burning and made my lips and the area around my mouth turn red. I did a lot of experimenting and eventually tried using a toothpaste that was SLS free. Apparently there are people who are sensitive to it and it apparently has been implicated in causing canker sores. I've found that it really helps a lot.

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Thanks guys! Headed there in about 12 hours -- anything I should be asking that I'm sure I'll forget? :lol:

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