Doea anyone have young kids? If so how did they react ?

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Doea anyone have young kids? If so how did they react ?

#1 Post by carcan »

Im having BSSO and i have a 3yr old. Im really concerned how he will feel when he sees me swollen, bruised and just diiferent. Anyone have a similar circumstance?

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#2 Post by Emaciated »

My 1-year old didn't even notice, and I had blood spattered all over my face and my hospital gown. She was just happy to see me. Now at 2.5 I think she would've just been concerned that I had a "boo-boo" or something. I wouldn't worry too much about it. They clean you up pretty well before your family sees you.

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#3 Post by zoeandnimo »

I had a BSSO as well on 3/16 and I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Surprisingly, my 4 year old handled it beautifully. I told her right away that I was still mommy, with a boo-boo, and that she could ask me questions about it all she wanted. She asked me lots of questions and took great care of mommy. My 2 year old is a bit too young to understand why her schedule was so different for a few weeks - she had a lot of tantrums during that period for my husband. I think it was the only way she could verbalize her confusion.

They handle it better than you think!

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#4 Post by indecisive1 »

I have a 5 year old and a 3 1/2 year old. I had sarpe surgery in Early Feb. When I came home both my children stopped and stared and then started to cry until I told them that eventhough I looked a little different (which was the understatement of the year) I was ok, just a little swollen. They were fine thereafter and it was great because they were so good making sure they did not play up or upset me in any way...I am having upper and lower jaw surgery at the end of the year so am dreading that as well. Kids are pretty resilient, no matter how bad you feel or look, as long as they're reassured that you're ok, they handle it pretty well.

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#5 Post by Figamentation »

My daughter was 13 (so definitely not young!) but I tried to prepare her as best as I could before she saw me post surgery. Even then she still cried when she came into my hospital room the day after. I think the adjustment to my looks has been hardest on her than anyone else for sure...she's only just now starting to think I look like "her mom". But I think with a younger child you can prepare them and they'll get over it easier...young kids are so adaptable!

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#6 Post by Muffinmamma »

I worried about my 4 year old, she didn't really understand what surgery meant but I puffed out my cheeks and said that I would look like that and we laughed about it. We also made smiles on sticks so I could show my emotions post op, she felt involved and informed.

Post op though I thought no smile on a stick would detract from the fact I looked like I'd ballooned 3 stone. I sent warning ahead that I looked like Shrek. I wrapped myself up in a big scarf and showed her bit by bit. The result? "you look silly mummy!" lots of laughter, zero sympathy for me. It really wasn't a problem.

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