Crossbite, also top & bottom teeth centers don't match u

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Crossbite, also top & bottom teeth centers don't match u

#1 Post by MICHL » Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:45 pm

My son (12) has a crossbite on one side, & the top & bottom centers are about 1/4" off. If not fixed, the ortho said this "could" cause jaw problems later. I'm hesitant to go with braces... Ortho dr. said if he puts in an expander to fix the crossbite it may or may not center the top & bottom. My son is special needs and doesn't brush well, I've tried everything, and so braces and his brushing issues make me cringe. I'd sort of like to try the expander to see if it works on the centering issue, and if so, braces wouldn't be needed. If I get him braces, does anyone have advice on the "Damon" type of braces? Any thoughts and advice is appreciated.

Thanks :)

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#2 Post by MICHL » Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:43 am

He said by fixing the crossbite with an expander, there is a chance it would better line up the upper teeth center to the lower teeth center, eliminating need for braces. It may or may not work on the centering. Treatment time is 1 year. If the top & bottom are not lined up perfectly (off by 1/4") could that really cause jaw problems?? I do have an appointment for a second opinion. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks

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#3 Post by kcj » Mon Mar 10, 2008 4:34 am

My DD had an expander to fix a crossbite.

Right now she also has braces on the top front teeth. The ortho said the goal was to fix the crossbite and get her front teeth where they need to be. I don't see how that could have happened without the braces, but I believe the front tooth gap would have closed at least partially on its own.

We were also told that there is a SLIM chance that she won't need braces again later and that the rest of her teeth may come in fine. I'm not counting on that.

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#4 Post by purpleteeth » Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:10 pm

I have a cross bite and my center's don't match -- I'm 25 and just got Damon's. I do have jaw problems, which was why I got braces a little over 4months ago. I have SEVERE TMJ/TMD and chronic migraines, which the braces have reduced significantly.

My recommendations would be to go with what you think will work best in the long run. If cosmetic issues are of little concern, then focus on getting his teeth and bite correct. A crossbite can also have other complications, including problems with speech and keeping the teeth clean (if there is crowding). I have trouble chewing correctly and had cavity problems because my teeth were all getting knocked up.

Damons are fairly easy to keep clean, as there are no ligs, and the brackets are smaller. I go to the hygenist once every 3 months and I brush as often as I can or *remember*.

In terms of helping your son, brushing after everything he eats will help and encourage him NOT TO SNACK. Flossing is something he will have to learn how to do, however a water pick can help to some degree (but is not the same as flossing). With braces, flossing can be tricky and can hurt more because teeth are moving and are loose.

If you know he is going to be getting braces, help him now by getting him used to eating everytime he eats ANYTHING. Help him floss at night or teach him how to. I have worked with special needs before and I have learned that teaching by example helps the most.
- brush your teeth everytime you eat, as well as your son (carry your tooth brush with you and have your son carry his OR carry his for him/ have the teacher at school keep one for him within reach)
- floss your teeth every night when your son flosses
- both of you decrease your sodas and sugar intake, as well as snacking, so you don't have to brush as much
- start getting your teeth cleaned every 6months or every 3 months if you know you will be going the braces route so he can get used to being in the office that often
- use plaque tablets to help him learn where to brush and how to brush
- start eliminating foods that would be bothersome in braces, so the transition to not eating forbidden foods will be easier

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