Excited and terrified

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Excited and terrified

#1 Post by comfortincompany »

Hi all,
I’ve thought about talking to an orthodontist for a really long time, but I always found reasons to avoid it. My teeth aren’t terrible, but I’ve never liked looking at them in photos, and there are many thing I’d like to change. My partner helped convince me to arrange some consultations, and I’ve had a few so far. I’ve made a follow-up appointment with an orthodontist for records next week. I’m not sure I’m ready to take the plunge, as I’m concerned I’ll be incredibly self-conscious. The thought of having to have the same conversation about why I got braces as an adult with every new person I meet is a bit daunting. I don’t tend to enjoy attention, so I have some nerves about people’s reactions. Hopefully I’ll be able to get past that and get started with treatment soon. The waiting and anticipation really sucks.

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Re: Excited and terrified

#2 Post by nybizzle »

I'm 27 and I got braces two years ago and thought everyone would be asking me why I have braces as an adult. So far, no one has asked me why I have braces as an adult. Most people have not said anything about my braces at all. When I first got braces, I did, however, have some who would stare at my mouth as I talked, but that's pretty much it. For the ones who did say anything, it was usually along the lines of, "You got braces? Cool." In short, most people won't comment on your braces, especially by asking why you have them as an adult. Even if they do ask you that, it's none of their business! You're doing something that is good for you!

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Re: Excited and terrified

#3 Post by gorillatoad »

Welcome! Don't worry about people asking... They really don't. Most people don't even seem to notice, or at least don't show much or any interest. I'm just 1 month in to treatment myself, and my short list of people who have said anything is just a few coworkers, all of whom were excited for me and encouraging.

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Re: Excited and terrified

#4 Post by elltee »

I am 30 and have had braces for two weeks. I went back and forth for 10 years before biting the bullet and finding an orthodontist who believed he could fix my teeth in a less invasive way. It's not always easy but I believe it's worth it - after such a short time, no one notices or comments on my brackets, and they're almost unnoticeable to me in my mouth. The pain and inconveniences are worth the payoff!

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