Can't get Floss Between Teeth!!!

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Can't get Floss Between Teeth!!!

#1 Post by jamierm »

Hey Everyone,

I got my braces put on yesterday!!!

Before having the brackets applied, I was able to floss between my teeth fine.
Now, after having my braces put on, I can no longer get floss between any of my teeth!! I have tried 4 different flosses and nothing seems to help!!
Should I wait it out and let my teeth adjust, or call the ortho? I'm kind of panicking because I LOVE my floss. It feels wrong not flossing.


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Re: Can't get Floss Between Teeth!!!

#2 Post by lildropofsunshine »

I don't have braces yet, but I've read a lot of people use Waterpiks and spam spam spam flossers. I plan on getting both.

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Re: Can't get Floss Between Teeth!!!

#3 Post by Speck »

This product works well for me:
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Re: Can't get Floss Between Teeth!!!

#4 Post by desertd »

Got mine two days ago & having the same problem. My mom ordered me a water flosser and am going to try the above flossers.
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Re: Can't get Floss Between Teeth!!!

#5 Post by jamierm »

I do have a water flosser - thank goodness! I'm not sure if I've quite caught on to the most effective use with it, but I am learning!
I am just a little OCD lol. I love my floss, and it feels so wrong to go to bed without using it.
Decided to wait until the pain subsides, and if I still can't floss I will call my ortho.

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Re: Can't get Floss Between Teeth!!!

#6 Post by kplatt2010 »

Hey There- I concur with the water pik and the oral b flossers. It's got this stiff plastic end that allows you to easily thread through the teeth and then you pivot the tip up with your tongue to grab ahold of.
I was totally a bad girl with not flossing and only water piking. Thought I was golden until I got the braces off and discovered the black triangles on the bottom front teeth. :(

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Re: Can't get Floss Between Teeth!!!

#7 Post by Linline »

I use a waterpik, couldn't cope without it!

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Re: Can't get Floss Between Teeth!!!

#8 Post by cbraces678 »

I’ve always used “Crest Glide Floss”... even prior to braces. It’s not stringy, and it’s more like satin floss. I’ve literally never had a single issue flossing. Sometimes if teeth have just moved it may be a bit tender, but I can always get it in. Maybe try that type of floss? I’ve had the dentist use different kinds of floss after cleanings and it was a nightmare. Satin floss is very durable, and thin. I’m super anal about flossing and absolutely have to floss everyday, so thankfully this has always worked for me! I also use a waterpik, but I still always floss at night.

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Re: Can't get Floss Between Teeth!!!

#9 Post by WanderingWallflower »

I had the same problem when I first got my braces. Turns out, there was an excess of the "glue" they used to cement the brackets and it ran in between my teeth. I did a dental cleaning and it removed the buildup and I was then able to floss.

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