Permanent retainer a necessity?

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Permanent retainer a necessity?

#1 Post by karatz22 »

Hello all, I have a question about retainers post-debracing. My braces were put on January 2017, and I had the Lefort 1 surgery May 2018. Over the past few appointments I've been told I'm nearing the end, and at my appointment yesterday my orthodontist said I have one more appointment of minor adjustments, then the braces will be removed at the following one. When I asked the doctor if I'd be getting a permanent retainer, he said no, just Invisalign-style retainers for upper and lower teeth to wear every night.

My cousin had braces recently as well, with the same orthodontist, and she had a permanent retainer placed on her teeth but was also given a retainer to wear at night. When I told my cousin, she insisted I demand a permanent retainer. She is not a doctor and I'd obviously take the doctor's advice over hers, but I am curious if that is something I really should ask for. Is a permanent retainer better than a nightly one?

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Re: Permanent retainer a necessity?

#2 Post by assertives »

The ortho recommends the different types of retainers based on your individual case. So perhaps he doesn't think you need a permanent one on top of the clear ones. There are pros n cons for a permanent retainers. If your teeth are very prone to relapse/moving, maybe it'll be a good idea to get a permanent one.

Personally, I wouldn't opt for one for myself because I really like to floss and flossing is challenging with a permanent retainer. Plus I do have quite bad black triangles between my bottom front teeth which would probably make the permanent retainers visible from the front.

I guess you can bring it up to your ortho if you really want one, and see what he or she says.

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Re: Permanent retainer a necessity?

#3 Post by EmilyTravels »

I would have happily done without the permanent retainer! My ortho seems to use them behind the bottom incisors as a matter of course, but they are a pain to floss around/under, and as long as you wear your Essix as directed, I really don't see the point. I haven't gotten a dental cleaning since I got debraced, but I have a feeling that the permanent retainer will make it a little more difficult for the dental tech as well. And you have to be careful what you bite into -- nothing too hard. I think I bent mine just a bit biting into a really hard piece of bread, though it is still attached. Something definitely felt different, though.

So...I would follow your orthodontist's protocol. But I would also ask why you aren't getting a permanent retainer, just out of curiosity.

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Re: Permanent retainer a necessity?

#4 Post by Nozzelnut »

Permanent retainers can help hold teeth; but are typically just the lower front 6 or 8. While not a requirement; they help especially f you had crowding. Keeping the lowers in place will also help keep the uppers in place. Retainers are for life; unless you want to get braces again.
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Re: Permanent retainer a necessity?

#5 Post by jem »

My permanent retainer has broken after 5 1/2 years. I am getting my dentist to remove it and will rely in future on the hawley which I still wear every night. Can't wait to feel the back of my front teeth again
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