Time until you feel normal

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Time until you feel normal

#1 Post by Mm12345 »

It's been 3 months and 3 weeks since my double jaw surgery. I would say there is still some swelling left. Especially in the left side of my face. It's noticeable when I take photos or if I you look long enough. Also I still feel some "thigtness" in my chin. I don't how to better express it. Chewing is still in progress but is getting better.
My question is how long until you feel 100% normal? Did anyone have one side of the face a bit more swollen? And when will I be able to bite down something like a sandwich or hamburger?

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Re: Time until you feel normal

#2 Post by Jfullflow10 »

I'm only 3 weeks out but my right side is definitely more swollen than my left. I know it's different for everyone, from what I've read anyway, on how long the numbness or tight feeling lasts but I am definitely ready to feel normal again.

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Re: Time until you feel normal

#3 Post by kplatt2010 »

Hi There-
So every recovery is going to be a little different depending on (a) type of surgery/extent, (b) underlying medical conditions/general health, (c) following recommendations (i.e. activity, eating, etc.), and (d) age...

I had the full works (BSSO , Leforte 1, and reversal of genioplasty). I'm fairly healthy but I was 50 when I had the surgery and I probably pushed going back to work too early and talking too much. Specifically agreeing at work to speaking engagements.

My actual jaw recovery was slow with imaging demonstrating right side bone growth healing delayed. I also have a screw that is likely loose but we are monitoring at this point. Diet wise I was on milkshakes, soups, and baby food for ~12 weeks. It was very challenging to start eating soft foods because right side of jaw would suddenly feel as though someone snapped me with a rubber band. This actually occurred early on in the recovery without any underlying cause and definitely when I would use a straw and drink my thick milkshakes. Sometimes I felt like crying when I ate because you're so hungry and it hurts to freaking suck down your milkshake with a straw. Getting a baby spoon was nearly impossible too. This was related to my jaw trying to retract back (teeth were tilting in) and getting mouth open was hard. To mitigate the jaw tightening, you've got to be aggressive with the jaw PT; specifically stretching the jaw with tongue depressors. My goal was 24 for 30 minutes. The 24 took a full year to get to.

Solid food?? Like a burger?? I would say that I was back on solids at the 6 month mark. There were some things though that I could not eat until recently; like a piece of Naan bread. Swelling and numbness was more on left side and resolved completely by 10 to 12 months. The numbness is probably 90% gone.

This surgery is no joke and no cake walk. Try to stay positive and take it one day at time. The swelling will eventually go away and you will eventually eat solid food. You don't want to start eating solid food until the surgeon gives you the green light. It also hurts and is nearly impossible to chew if you're just not ready.



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Re: Time until you feel normal

#4 Post by aghummel90 »

Definitely the right side of my face has been slower to recover. Totally normal I imagine.

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