Surgery Notes Don't Have Measurements

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Surgery Notes Don't Have Measurements

#1 Post by underbitewars »

Is it in any way excusable or normal for there to be nothing written in the surgery notes as to how far the upper jaw was moved forward in a Lefort 1 procedure?

P.S. there were two pre-surgery memos that clearly indicated the estimated amount that the jaw would be moved forward.

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Re: Surgery Notes Don't Have Measurements

#2 Post by snapdresser »

Yeah, mine don't have measurements in the surgical notes from the procedure itself. Just "1-piece Lefort I Osteotomy" and "sutures" and stuff like that. But I know the surgeon was using little stencil things and stuff to get the precise measurements cuz that was part of the VSP package she uses. The only thing that was left for her to decide during the procedure was apparently how far back to put the saw when she was cutting off my chin for the genioplasty. She said she'd place it a bit higher up than she usually does for my specific case. I forget why, exactly, but it was to address a concern of mine pre-op.
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Re: Surgery Notes Don't Have Measurements

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I think my surgeon included all of that in the initial insurance requests but I never got the final measurements. The surgery notes from the hospital just showed the procedures performed that I had to sign off on. I really didn't involve myself in any of the pre operation planning, which I'm glad of because I don't think it could have turned out any better.

If you're really curious about the measurements, I would think any good surgeon would give you any records they have if you ask.
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