Double Power Chains

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Double Power Chains

#1 Post by tillybrace »

I don't want to be a spam bot...but omg...double power chains..the pain, my poor cheek. why did i throw the dental wax away...whyyyy. ouch ouch ouch :cry:

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Re: Double Power Chains

#2 Post by AndyB »

i regret losing my pack of wax installed a huge coil between 2nd and 4th tooth (3rd one was surgically uncovered since it wouldnt grow naturally) and this coil (its like a size of those you find in pens) rubs so much against my lips I cant talk that good anymore....

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Re: Double Power Chains

#3 Post by istase2000 »

Oh no! My elastics are cutting into the sides of my mouth atm and I can't even use wax :gavel:
I'm the opposite, I hoard my dental wax and always ask for more everytime I visit . I know that it could hurt like hell after an adjustment one day and I can just go crazy with the wax.

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