Invisalign Started Today

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Invisalign Started Today

#1 Post by lilyflower »

So long time lurker here... first time poster. I knew I needed braces since high school but there wasn't the money and it definitely wasn't a priority for my family. Had dental insurance at various jobs but over the last few years it wasn't stable - until my current position which also allows a $1000 benefit for adults.

It's been in the back of my head to take this step for ages but a few things were stopping me - basically general dentists telling me I "wasn't a good candidate for invisalign" because of my lower crowding and deep bite (the two primary problems) and the idea of having metal braces really really didn't appeal to me as I'm already young for my position (35 actually but I look younger thankfully) so I was worried about looking like a teenager and not being taken seriously at work. Also, I heard some major horror stories about conventional braces and what would be done to have to correct a problem like mine and psyched myself out with stories of extractions, massive IPR, headgear, you name it.

Anyway, finally summoned up the confidence for a real orthodontist consult (someone I was referred to by my general dentist who is wonderful) and the first thing she said is "You're a good invisalign candidate." The technology had finally improved to where the deep bite could be addressed as well as the crowding without a ton of IPR - and thankfully no extractions!! (had my wisdom teeth out about 10 years ago, they had fully erupted so there's some space to work with.)

I was supposed to start wtih just a set of trays with no attachments but they didn't come in that way - nor did the template for the attachments which were supposed to be added at the second appointment. (Those matched tray 2). Somehow this got worked out (and I did get a discount on the price for the inconvenience) and just got back from my first appointment - where I had my attachments bonded. I have one on every bottom tooth except my back two molars and 7 on top (I have a canine that needs some extra rotation) making for eek 21 attachments! :shock:

Basically everything needs to get pushed back on the bottom since the crowding is in the front and then my bite also needs to be opened up a bit. Somehow I started on tray 2 of 29 top / 39 bottom but I've already been told that closer to the end there'll be more molds and a a set of refinements.

That said, so far, even with all the attachments, I'm pleased. I managed to get the trays in and out myself in the office with no issue (lots of doing research and watching youtube videos) and even though I have attachments in the front they're on the bottom (top ones are on the canines and pre-molars).

I also went into this with a contract that if this didn't work that I'd get full braces for free at the end so I'm covered and I feel like my ortho clearly knows what she's doing. She did compliment me for handling the attachments better than most of her patients - the filing of them wasn't pleasant.

So I'm in this for the long haul now. Upside is that with so many damn attachments I don't think I'm going to have an issue wearing the trays the 22 hours per day and I really really like not having the wires - or a dreaded bite plate. I do have the little things on the back of my top aligner that serve as bite turbos but they're not bothering my tongue (although it's weird for my back teeth to not be fully meeting) and they're not annoying me yet.

So far, just feeling some pressure - not pain but the trays feel tight. Also, lisping a bit which I hope goes away soon as I do a lot of public speaking.

Still is it weird to be excited? I have a mouthful of plastic that will probably hurt or annoy me in a few hours but after years of waiting and a REALLY uncomfortable situation on the bottom where one of my lower incisors practically bit into the roof of my mouth I know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel for this - even if it is like 2 years away.

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Re: Invisalign Started Today

#2 Post by bestofsmiles »

Today was my first day and I developed a slight lisp as well. Waiting to see what day 2 brings for me.

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Re: Invisalign Started Today

#3 Post by SingleJawMelb »

Well done for getting fixed braces written into your contract

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