Move lower teeth back?

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Move lower teeth back?

#1 Post by BA5 »

Is it possible to move the lower teeth back without moving anything else? I know rubber bands or pull-headgear can position the lower teeth further back *relative* to the top teeth. But, is it possible to move the lower teeth back without moving the chin or top teeth?


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Re: Move lower teeth back?

#2 Post by lorsa »

I think so...mine are!

My wisdom teeth (all 4) plus the last lower molar on each side were pulled a long time ago when I was about 18 (I'm now 53) so I only have 14 teeth on my bottom arch. There was extra space at the back of my mouth where the missing molars used to sit, but all my other teeth had already come in crowded so they stayed that way. One of my lower right teeth (#4, a premolar) was really crooked and sat more inside the arch, kind of "beside" the other teeth rather than "in line with" them. (Teeth #3 and #5 were pretty much in line with each other - there was no space between them for #4.)

So when I got braced, my ortho put a push-spring between teeth #5 and #6, in order to push #6 & #7 towards the back of my mouth. This was to make room to allow #5 to also move back and let #4 come into the line. It's been 9 weeks now, and it has been working -- all three back teeth (#'s 5,6,7) are indeed moving back and opening up a space for #4 to fit in.

So I think the answer to your question is yes, they can move back, provided there is enough room in your mouth for them to do so. :)

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Re: Move lower teeth back?

#3 Post by Mightymildred »

Yes, it is possible to move teeth with various devices- springs and also TADs or miniscrews. I have a miniscrew at the moment and it is helping to move my upper right 5 backwards as I have no 6,7 or 8...
Also have had springs too but the TAD is supposed to be quicker and more reliable/heavy duty.
Both procedures haven't been unduly horrid either!

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