Do you ever "get used to" a bonded retainer?

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Do you ever "get used to" a bonded retainer?

#1 Post by FinallyBracesFree »

Do you ever get used to a bonded retainer on the back of the bottom teeth? Both the wire and the glue pocket on each tooth. I just had one put on and they said I will get used to it but your tongue is always going to touch it so I don't see how eventually you will get used to it. But maybe I'm wrong? If so, how long does it take?

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Re: Do you ever "get used to" a bonded retainer?

#2 Post by Tqz »

I have had mine since late 2011 and I feel it every day.

On the flip side. I don't believe people who say that you "get used to" braces. Larger and on the front of your teeth.

So I guess it depends on the person.

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Re: Do you ever "get used to" a bonded retainer?

#3 Post by ambraced »

Hi! I have had my lower brace removed two days ago and the bonded retainer and essix retainer yesterday. I still have my upper brace unfortunately...
Back to the topic I'm surprised at how much both retainers are not bothering me. My speech doesn't seem to be affected much either. Maybe it will be different once I have them on the uppers in three months time(hope not more!! :evil: ) But to say the truth I feel the wire less when I have the removable retainer on. I think after 3 years in braces I got used to all the poking bits and pieces in my mouth!
Hope you get used to yours soon....maybe you can try some wax. :)

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