Pregnant & getting braces

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Re: Pregnant & getting braces

#16 Post by Daylily »

[quote="tammy26"]I am 27 and three months pregnant and am getting braces next month after a couple of small things needing done at my dentist. Am so dreading it, had 5 teeth out and a removeable brace when i was 14 and didnt stick to treatment - wish i did as now im to have full metal braces on top and bottom teeth!! Hope im doing the right thing??????????????? :([/quote]

You are worried about what you did about your teeth would do harm to your fetus?

busy bee
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Re: Pregnant & getting braces

#17 Post by busy bee »

I originally wanted braces over a year ago now but fell pregnant before I had started the treatment. Because I needed x-rays and three extractions I had to wait till after my baby was born. It really didn't bother me because I now have a beautiful 7 month old baby and I am 4 months into my treatment. However, if I hadn't had to wait I would now be over a year into treatment and thinking about debrace day. So, if there is no reason to wait then definitely go for it. I think it'll be a bonus that you've already got used to your braces when your baby arrives too.

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Re: Pregnant & getting braces

#18 Post by kreyFL »

I couldn't hit reply fast enough! I got braced when I was 25....and I got pregnant 7 months later. I had braces during my ENTIRE pregnancy and did not get them off until my lil bundle of joy was 8 MONTHS!

Okay here is a few things....

1. Pregnancy did not affect my treatment - AT ALL. The only thing I was not able to do was my progress XRays. (Typically done half way through treatment) My ortho was not concerned by this. Xrays are not an issue when you are pregnant and it is often approved by your Dr. The issue is the new digital panoramic XRays which are different than standard XRays and orthos will often NOT allow you to do this type of XRay when pregnant.

2. Im not gonna lie, I felt like ****. I did not feel pretty, I felt awkward. I wanted to be that smiling, happy, pretty pregnant woman but all I felt like was "teen mom". This was made worse by the acne my pregnancy caused. I got over it, and it was no big deal...but it was a little annoying and there were many days where I was not leaving the house.

3. Labor/delivery photos are hilarious with my braces on. (Nuff said)

4. Baby was SUPER interested in my braces. I got them off when baby turned 8 months. Now the lil' one is super obsessed with my teeth. Touching them often and saying "Teeth" LOL - so needless to say, they were definitely noticed....even by a baby.

5. I noticed NO change in my treatment time. I was originally told 18-24 months. I had my braces on for 28 months. I was super religious about my elastics, hygiene, conclusion is pregnancy does NOT speed up orthodontic treatment

6. Increase in calcium deposits around your brackets during treatment when pregnant. You know that gross white stuff that builds up around your brackets...usually when people do not clean them often...well this happens all the time when you are pregnant. Ortho said it was common and just a symptom of all the "Extras" us pregnant ladies produce...nice!

Hope this helps!

Regardless, just because I felt awkward some days - does not mean that I was not still glowing and happy..but honestly speaking, and its taking a lot to say this out loud....I DO feel like my braces took away a little bit from my pregnancy...but thats just me...and my hormones. :crazy:

Good luck Mama! Keep us posted!

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Re: Pregnant & getting braces

#19 Post by isthistaken »

Whatever you do, don't wait until you are 55. When my kids were small, I wanted my teeth straightened, but there wasn't any money for it. I do wish I had not put it off this long, though, due to all the problems misaligned teeth cause! I have had a plethora of fillings and crowns, possibly due to crowding and bite issues. +\+ <--I should have paid more attention to this, LOL.

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