Scratching Brackets

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Scratching Brackets

#1 Post by smile4jen »

Is it possible to do damage to the metal brackets themselves?
under normal brushing and eating conditions
I read somewhere that brackets can get scratched bad enough to need replaced...

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Re: Scratching Brackets

#2 Post by BetsyBug »

I'm sure if you try hard enough you could scratch a bracket, but stainless steel is pretty hard and I think it would take more than normal brushing/wear to damage them to the point where they need replacing.
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Re: Scratching Brackets

#3 Post by dojo »

Unless you're eating diamonds and metal rods, I think you're fine :-*

Just try to keep from foods that would damage them (nuts and similar stuff). Take care of them and you'll be OK. I haven't heard about brackets that get so scratched they can't be used anymore, but they can get off your teeth and that means a trip to the orthodontist. That's why you're advised to eat stuff that won't break the 'cement' the doctor used to stick them to your teeth ;)
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Re: Scratching Brackets

#4 Post by smile4jen »

Thanks, I'd never heard anyone say it before.

I've been doing a lot of reading...I know anyone can put anything on the net.

I knew I'd get the right answer here.

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