Fixing anterior open bite without surgery.

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Fixing anterior open bite without surgery.

#1 Post by winston »

I have an anterior open bite which causes a feeling of too much fullness and prevents my upper lip from properly meeting the lower. Apart from this it is mild in comparison to other cases I've seen. There isn't actually a space between upper and lower teeth.

I want to fix it with braces (lingual) but some sources have told me that only surgery can work on this problem. However, an ortho did say he could do it, but I can't be sure that he's any good.

Can anyone with knowledge or personal experience tell me what they think?

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#2 Post by drrick »

Alot depends on the cause of the open bite.
Some typically need sx orthers do not.
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#3 Post by sjs8906 »

Hi winston,

I am currently undergoing treatment to correct my open bite non-surgically with the use of TADs (temporary anchorage devices). The goal is to close the open bite by intruding my upper molars.

I posted pictures today of my 2 month progress in my braces story. The link is in my signature if you would like to take a look! There's not much progress yet though, my orthodontist estimates it will take 7-8 months in all.

Good luck in whatever you choose!

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#4 Post by fosterp »

I've seen a lot of cases where they fixed open bite with posterior teeth intrusion through the use of TADs. If you have only a mild case I would definitely explore the option.

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#5 Post by DrJasonKTam »

The outcome of your treatment is going to depend highly on how your malocclusion is to start off. If the open-bite is severely skeletal in nature, no movement of your teeth will be sufficient to close the open bite, and if they teeth do move, you run the risk of resorption or relapse.

TADs do intrude posterior teeth, but there is often a rebound in which the back teeth extrude again.

Invisalign treatment with select experienced providers has been very promising because of the posterior intrusion effect of the aligners.
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#6 Post by winston »

Hi all, and thanks for the replies. With the TADs, presumably the front upper teeth don't move at all. Am I right?

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Re: Fixing anterior open bite without surgery.

#7 Post by bloggerg4 »

Absolutely can be done! With invisalign g4 ! I have had an anterior open bite for many years and was told fixed orthodontic braces may not get me the results I want ... and that my only option was surgery. I decided to try invisalign because I raed so many articles about open bite tratment with invisalign. Also there was a youtube video about a patient who had an open bite whose bite was corrected using invisalign.

I have a blog with pictures of my progress if you want proof. We are not authorized to post links here so I have posted the link in sections. When you type it in, please be aware that there are no spaces in the link. I have simply put them here so you can see the pictures

http:// invisaligng4. blogspot .com /

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