Using Invisalign to Correct an Open bite

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Using Invisalign to Correct an Open bite

#1 Post by HEA »

Hello all,

I am curious to know if anyone here has an openbite and has been able to use Invisalign to correct it. As a child I sucked my thumb but stopped around 7 yrs old when my dentist put a thumb guard in my mouth. As a result, my gap closed considerably. However, a gap remains even though most people do not notice that my teeth do not completely meet in the front.

That said, I would like to use Invisalign (I'm 32 y/o and work at a conservative law firm). I had one initial consultation a couple of years ago, and the orthrodontist said that she thought Invisalign could correct my bite but that the long term success with open bites are difficult to predict (tongue thrusting issues, etc.) She also mentioned that both Invisalign and traditional braces could cause repeated sore throat or other upper respiratory issues. Can anyone respond to either of these claims?

Finally, if anyone has an ortho in the NYC metro area that they could recommend, I'd appreciate it!


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I had an open bite and was told that Invisalign would not work for me. An open bite is a fairly complicated thing to fix. It really depends on your case. I had severe crowding, too.
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Depending on the nature of the open bite, my preference is actually to treat them with Invisalign rather than braces. Treatment is directed at intruding the posterior teeth rather than extruding the anterior ones, leading to a more stable final result.

Still this is a complex type of treatment with Invisalign. Consult an experienced Invisalign provider to find out more about your particular situation. Good luck!
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#4 Post by alexshrugged »

Hi! I don't normally post, but I wanted to reply to your question because I am using Invisalign to correct my open (now closed!) bite and I've been thrilled with the results. I talked to five different orthos, a few of which said it absolutely could not be done, a couple who said "no problem! super easy!" and who I just didn't trust (because it's not an easy job), and then finally found my ortho who has been phenomenal. He's in LA, so unfortunately won't work for you, but do your homework, and go to consultations armed with questions.

Back to your question, I had an open bite large enough to stick my tongue thru. I had had braces as a teenager which did not correct the issue, and was told back then that i needed jaw surgery.

I started my Invisalign in May of last year and am on my last tray. My teeth close almost perfectly. Really, the results have been so much better than I could ever have expected, and so much better than when I was 15 with braces!! I obviously can't speak to any retention issues as I'm still doing the Invisalign, but I did see a speech therapist to get some exercises to make sure I'm not a tongue thruster (though she didn't see evidence of it...I think my open bite was more structural)

The only downside has been attachments. Because closing an open bite is complicated, I have 12 attachments -- 6 up top, 6 on the bottom, on ALL of my front teeth. I am also a professional, and my job requires me to be in meetings all day long, and I was very worried that people would notice the attachments. They're incredibly noticeable to me -- I don't see how you can miss them -- and yet I still occasionally have friends and co-workers come up to me and ask, is there something on your teeth? And I say's been there for over a year now. Glad you're just noticing! Most people don't notice at all...which I guess says something about how self-conscious we all are for no reason at all. Anyway, my guess is that you'll have a similar set of attachments, which is something to discuss with your ortho before you sign up for treatment.

All in all, if the bite bothers you, and you find an orthodontist that you trust, I say go for it. I have really been so amazed with the results. I don't have pics right now, but my teeth look really amazing -- and the best part is, I can bite into a sandwich! Or sushi! Just make sure you interview several different orthos or get a really amazing recommendation. And get someone who's done it before!

Good luck!

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#5 Post by Wireless »

You may find an orthodontist that can use Invisalign along with other techniques. I assume your main concern is visibility. I'm being treated with a combination of Invisalign, Essix retainers, and now interarch elastics for a severe deep bite. I had read initially that Invisalign wouldn't work for my condition.

The down side is it may take longer - in my case it looks like total treatment time will be around 2 1/2 years. This is also due in part to my age and some pre-existing conditions.

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Re: Using Invisalign to Correct an Open bite

#6 Post by bloggerg4 »


I am using invisalign to close my open bite. I am on tray 2 of 27. You can see pictures on my blog. I did see some minor improvements. Again, im at the beginning of my treatment, but i will keep postings pictures there so you can follow the progress and figure out if this is something you want to go with. Since were not aloud to post links here, i separated it to pieces. Be aware that when you type it into your browser, there are no spaces in the link http: //invisaligng4. blogspot. com/

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Re: Using Invisalign to Correct an Open bite

#7 Post by ParkAveOrthod »

I know this is an old thread but thought I'd chime in anyway. Yes, Invisalign can definitely close an open bite with the new technology that they have to offer. Elastics are also used to close the bite down. Hope this helps.

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Re: Using Invisalign to Correct an Open bite

#8 Post by Wireless »

I had posted a couple of years ago regarding deep bite treatment. Before I started Invisalign treatment, my ortho told me my condition would be "difficult to treat and nearly impossible to hold" due to my jaw structure. This has turned out to be the case - after I finished, I had some relapse within a year. It was enough to start causing gum irritation. I did have a gum infection that required antibiotics to clear and am back in retainers full time until at least December. My lower retainer is sectioned so my rear teeth will grow out again. So far, this seems to be working and I've had no more gum problems.

The problem now is how to avoid having my teeth relapse again? With the shape of my lower jaw and any pressure on my rear teeth - any clenching, grinding, etc., I will continue to have future problems. Any suggestions I should discuss with my doc at the next visit?

It is really important to identify this type of problem very early. When I was a teenager, my ortho treatment didn't start until I was 14 and had stopped growing (back in the 60's). This was how things were done back then. I do have all of my teeth, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep them where they belong!!

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Re: Using Invisalign to Correct an Open bite

#9 Post by cocomi »

wow, didn't realize how old this thread was!

but anyways, if anyone needs more information, thought i'd share what i found so far :o

i have a very big open bite as well, i saw 3 orthodontists.
one scared me to death with "you need surgery" but the ortho that i chose-- in nyc-- she will be giving me
invisalign, which should last about two years. i will also be getting TAD's which are tiny screws they put into your bone.. it shouldn't hurt, but this is an alternative to surgery.. TAD's are supposed to help push your teeth upwards into your jaw (i was told my upper jaw grew too much and pushed down on my lower jaw)
i thought i had a long, oval face.. but apparently it's more long and oval than needed due to the "skeletal" issues

i've taken the first steps to getting it done.. got my teeth scanned and all.. but she just told me i should get my wisdom teeth out (top two :cry: )

i have seen before/after pics of a client she did prior, who also had an open bite.
i do think it is possible to close an open bite with invisalign.. TAD's would help if your jaw is weird like mine, where the top grew too much and the bottom didn't grow enough..
i do have a bit of a recessed chin which makes me feel a bit self conscious at times, as i don't have a real profile, but i hope this orthodontic treatment will remedy it.. even just a little :D

hope this information helps!

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Re: Using Invisalign to Correct an Open bite

#10 Post by Wireless »

I suggest asking your orthodontist how your teeth will be retained in position after treatment. My deep bite was caused by the shape of my jaw. When I started treatment, I was told a relapse was very likely but needed to get the problem corrected due to gum irritation. I completed Invisalign treatment and went to Essix retainers at night. Within a year, I had relapsed to having gum irritation again.

I'm now back in retainers full time with my lower trimmed to expose my rear teeth so they'll grow out again. So far this has worked and I have a checkup in November. However, I'm not sure what will be required long term to keep the problem from recurring again.

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Re: Using Invisalign to Correct an Open bite

#11 Post by gnate11 »

Does anyone have experience with a doctor in Los Angeles that treats open bite? A user posted above about a great experience, but I doubt he is still checking this board.


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