Should I go back to ortho?

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Should I go back to ortho?

#1 Post by koffymasheen »

So I've had my braces on for 19 months now, and my ortho just told me today that I'll have my (potentially) last appt on Oct 7. If everything is good at the appt, then I'll schedule for my de-bracing (yay!) So they've done all these wacky things to my braces this time (rotating some teeth, a power chain on only half my upper teeth, and a wire through only my front 6 bottom teeth) for tweaking and such. That's all fine, but now I've noticed that space has appeared between two of my bottom teeth (two of the ones in the wire) that wasn't there before the appt 12 hours ago. Should I be worried something is wrong and go in to see my ortho before the next scheduled appt on Oct 7? I'd just hate to go in next time and find out I have to do more time than was necessary because of this.

Thanks, all!

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#2 Post by pasr16 »

yeah i would just call the ortho and let him/her know you're concerned about that and see what they tell you. don't be concerned about calling, you have all the right to know and im sure the ortho will be happy to explain what's going on. i also got that metal wire on the bottom 6 teeth what is that for????

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#3 Post by sammywantstraightteeth »

definitely call and see what the ortho says. It doesn't do any harm to ask, but like you say it might delay the end of the treatment if there is a problem and you just wait

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#4 Post by browneyedgrl »

I would definitely call, I was scheduled for my debanding and had an issue a week before and went in and I ended up wearing my braces for an additional 3 weeks.

Good luck.

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#5 Post by hal2me »

Definitely call. It is so close to the end! The ortho will put your mind at ease. Good luck to you!!

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