Ligs for ceramic braces

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Steph in Sac
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Ligs for ceramic braces

#1 Post by Steph in Sac »

Remind me again of the good colors for less noticible staining.

I started with clear and they were stained within 3 days--I could barely eat for those three days and avoided coffee! Two weeks after, I got them changed out for pearl. Those have held up better, but are now stained (2 weeks later). My adjustment is tomorrow and I'll have to go about 4 weeks until the next unless I want to make a special visit. The front ones aren't as stained as the back ones--which is obviously not noticable. I think I'll do gray on the molars and pearl up front unless you know of something better...

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#2 Post by TumbleDryLow »

Light grey & smoke are the two that I have used on my clear brackets throughout treatment. I use the darker gray or silver on all my metal bands. Way back at the beginning of treatment I was able to have wire ties. Loved them! They are a bit noticeable, but man, the fact they don't stain made up for that any day.

I can only make it about two weeks as well before I notice my front ligs/chains changing to a dull or yellowish color, and mind you, I drink all liquid with a straw, avoid tomato based stuff, mustard and curry. Unfortunately, I really don't think there is anything to be done about the eventual staining. I've just learned to put up with it and be less picky which, as a neat/clean freak, has been very difficult.

Steph in Sac
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#3 Post by Steph in Sac »

Thanks :D

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#4 Post by browneyedgrl »

I had ceramics on my social eight and had wire ties on them for the mostpart. I'm a big time coffee drinker. When I started wearing powerchains which was at about 5 months of treatment I tried silver which I didn't like and ended up using clear and going inbetween appointments to get them changed.

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#5 Post by kilikena311 »

I think there have been a few photos of a light blue on ceramics that I thought wasn't super noticeable. It really seems like maybe the brand that the ortho uses makes a big difference in staining though. I have metal brackets but every colored lig that I have tried has not stained at all.

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#6 Post by socksy »

Recently I've gotten totally fed up with the staining on my pearl ligs - even though they were a huge improvement over the clear - so I have on silver and they are very discreet. I like the look of them and they match the silver powerchain I have to wear on the bottom (no choice on the color there because silver is the strongest powerchain).

clear Radiance brackets top and bottom

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