MDei's Story

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MDei's Story

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Okay I've been lurking on this website for a while and just now decided to join. Let me start from the beginning.

When I was twelve, I found out that both my upper canines were impacted and the dentist I was going to warned that it could caused problems if they were left untreated. However, the insurance wouldn't take care of it so I was stuck with my two baby canines and the many gaps in the top row of my teeth. Fast forward five years later. My mother finds an orthodontist that will take our insurance and in Nov. 2008, I get my braces. I adjusted and five months later I got my wisdom teeth pulled. That was March 2009. Two months later in May, I got the exposure on my canine and had gold chains attached to them.

From there it was supposed to be smooth sailing :x . My teeth would come down, the would be bracketed and moved into place and in a few months because my teeth were pretty much straight, they would take them off. All of this done in a year. Yay... Or so I thought :cry: .

Fast forward three months later... My teeth haven't poked out yet (Even after my baby teeth were pulled in hopes that the permanent ones would come out) and my dentist wonders if they have moved at all. X-rays show they have moved. They were completely horizontal at first. Now they're diagonal, but still etched in my gums. My dentist decided to give it a few more weeks.

Two weeks later the chain on my right side breaks and my dentist re-exposes both my teeth and reinforces my chains with the strongest wires she can put on. Two weeks later, my teeth still won't budge, but my dentist is optimistic and decides its just happening painfully slow and eventually my teeth will come down esp with all the tension they're putting on them. They pull on the wires til I quite literally cry. :cry:

Fast forward to December 2009 and my teeth haven't poked through yet. They've moved a little, but other than that, they still won't budge much. My dentist says she'll see what happens in a few months, but she's beginning to think my canines are ankylosed and if they don't come down soon or an x-ray shows they aren't moving inside my gums, they're doomed!

My dentist is trying to be optimistic as not to scare me. I've had my mouth cut on more times than I've wanted and she says I'm braver and tougher than most of her other patients. :!:

My next appointment is Tuesday and I'll be late for my history class cuz of these canines. I'm hoping my teeth are just stubborn and with one more tightening they give up and come through. I just thought I'd share my story. Unfortunately, there doesn't look like there will be an end in site any time soon. :cry:

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I hope they're just being slowpokes! Just keep positive, and remember, you're doing something helpful and proactive -- whatever the outcome is, there will be always something that can be done about it!

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If they've moved at all (and you say they did) I don't think they could be ankylosed. Keep trying and try to be patient :D

I hear you on the slowpoke tooth club, my current treatment was originally supposed to be about 16 months, and it's turning out to be more the twice that! Finally the end is in sight and I hope to finish in the next few months. (Crossing my fingers it's under 3 years). No impacted teeth for me, but there's plenty of other stories I've read of people similar to you that were eventually successful in bringing down the canine. Usually it goes way faster for teens, though, and sometimes slower for adults. Some day it will be your turn :P
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