Surgery on impacted teeth

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Surgery on impacted teeth

#1 Post by Rebekah09 »


Im getting the surgery done on monday - getting the impacted teeth pulled down and chains attached, i will be asleep throughout the surgery but im looking for people to share their experiances. Also wondering what the pain and Swelling/ Bruising will be like after?

Any replies much apprieciated :D

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#2 Post by Megan11 »

Hi rebekah, there are many here who are in the same boat as you...

Here is a post you may find helpful... viewtopic.php?t=25384

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#3 Post by rolo »

Just one impacted tooth (upper canine). It was all fairly uneventful really. I was awake, which was okay, then again I only had one tooth exposed and it was in a reasonable easy posistion.

No pain or swelling afterwards. The stitches got a bit tight and I had them removed early, once the chain was actually pulling on the tooth, some pain, but no more than with a usual adjustment, nothing that couldn't be treated with over the counter pain killers.

The tooth came down in 6-9mths

Good Luck

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#4 Post by Rebekah09 »

Thanks very much for your replys!
Im getting two of them exposed but it should not be much worse than one! Im not as nervous about tomoro now!

Thanks again :D

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#5 Post by CCandy »

I had the exact same thing back in mid-07 I'm still in the process of pulling them across to my braces to be attached. Got braces beginning of 08 was hoping I'd have this all finished by start of 2010 but im leaning more towards mid-late 2010 at this rate.

I was put under as well and it was pretty much a painless recovery just make sure u keep taking painkillers as required. Swelling will be around for a little bit but will go down.

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