Guys have a better time with braces than girls?

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Guys have a better time with braces than girls?

#1 Post by JHova »

Is this generally the case? Because i notice a lot guys don't really mind having braces on compared to most girls.

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#2 Post by Eric805 »

I'm 26 with metals and I'm having a hard time with them.

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#3 Post by Audra »

I'm not having a hard time with them.


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#4 Post by Neptune »

In my opinion, I just think that women are just more likely to complain. :) Besides, women (generally) are more vocal about their emotions anyway. As such, I highly doubt one sex experiences more pain than the other.
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#5 Post by Megan11 »

I think men are more accepting of women in braces than the other way around.

But, as for just having them in general, I would think men handle it better. Its subjective either way but I think braces are hard to handle for either sex.

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#6 Post by mist »

girls got an advantage,
its not unusual they work on their appearance (make up for example), for men, is often limited to looks clean. So my point is that a man working on his appearance will have harder time than a girl, at least from a social point of view.
(_we_ know braces are not limited to appearance but ...)

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