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Went in for an adjustment today and made my final 3 appointments.
Did some IPR between my upp frotn two teeth, put a zing string around my upper front four teeth, and power chained the uppers.
Braces off 01/20/2009
Clear (Invisalign-like) retainers 01/22/2009

I'm going to post some pictures. I can still see little black spaces when I bite down, and on my right side on the back inside I can get my tongue between my morlars...
Any suggestions on what else needs to be fixed before I get my braces off?




Braced - April 24, 2008
Last adjustment - December 16, 2008
Trangle elastics - August 26 - Current (only at night from 11/11/2008 - Current)
Treatment end date - January 28, 2009

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