Need some help.

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Need some help.

#1 Post by Netales »

I am 18 years old and thinking about getting a brace. I had retainers from age 11-14 and when I was given the ok to upgrade to the brackets, I said no (grr at my 14 year old self) because I was sick and tired of the jaw pain. I sucked my thumb from birth until I was 9 and so I have an overbite, and recently it's really been bothering me. I want braces, but I'm not sure if I really need them or I'm just paranoid.

I know I should make an orthodontic appointment but it costs a lot of money so I thought I'd get some free advice from you people first =) Is it worth it? Here is a small pic of how my teeth look now.


Eurgh, I really think they are awful.

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#2 Post by jaswi »

Consultations with an orthodontist are usually free. I suggest you go talk to one and see what they have to say. Most people here will agree with me when I say that yes it is worth it.
And the younger you do it, the better.

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#3 Post by funshine »

A year or two in braces is totally worth the 20, 30, 50 years you'll have with a beautiful smile.

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#4 Post by Lisa65 »

Where do you live? Consultation appointments are often free in the US, but in the UK you will pay £70-80 for a consultation.

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#5 Post by Netales »

Lisa65 wrote:Where do you live? Consultation appointments are often free in the US, but in the UK you will pay £70-80 for a consultation.
Yes I live in the UK. Sucks.

Thanks for all your input :)
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#6 Post by diande »

It's def. worth it! You'll be real glad you did at the end, and even inbetween when the soreness stops and you start to see the changes :)
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#7 Post by GiovanntiLawing »

Definately go see an orthodontists!

You don't want to have to get braces at an older age. They cost more!

Why pay 6000.00 when you can get them for 3000.00 or less!!

Most consultations are free!
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