Are braces losing their "nerd" status?

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Are braces losing their "nerd" status?

#1 Post by Maggie »

I was just thinking about it. It seems so many children and teenagers have braces these days, it makes me wonder if braces are starting to lose their "nerd" status. One thing it also makes me wonder, is if all those people you see with perfectly straight teeth had braces. I think I read somewhere that only about 1/4 people are born with naturally straight teeth. So, it would seem most of those people with picture perfect smiles wore braces at some point. anyone agree or disagree with me?

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#2 Post by jaswi »

I think for the younger people, braces has already lost all of its nerdiness.. However, for older people such as myself, might not yet be the case.

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#3 Post by Bracefacegal »

I disagree. I think adults are breaking ground in the destruction of the 'nerd satus' of brace wearers.

I get all kinds of comments from teens who know me and think that it's really cool that I'm wearing them! :)
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#4 Post by Whitters »

Yeah, I believe braces are losing their "nerd status".
When I was in school I DID NOT want braces..cause of the same nerd factor. But now (at 21 yrs) with the right color it can be quite stylish.
I mean if you're as extreme as Ugly Betty then I guess the nerd status still exists..
But hey, so many people actually wear em now and with the majority of people I see with braces it doesn't look nerdy at all. Once you have the confidence and your inner personality shines through people will hardly notice it and actually think that braces ain't that bad. :wink:
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#5 Post by purpleteeth »

I believe braces are becoming more of a financial status symbol, rather than a "nerd" status symbol. Braces are expensive and more adults are getting them NOW because they couldn't afford them as children. Children in the US don't get braces unless their family can afford it or unless their teeth are so severe that the case qualifies for gov assistance, which apparently has to be at least a Class II if not worse in many cases.

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#6 Post by jennielee81 »

I was watching an episode of Project Runway (last season's I believe) with my daughter and they were visiting the finalists at home several months after the series was on the air and one of the guys smiled into the camera and said, "I'm in America and Americans have braces, so I have braces!". Something like that anyway.

I think that's GREAT!
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#7 Post by retainerjoe »

for the most part yes , when i first started braces in 2000, there wern't many adults , now it's getting very common , ... =community this link also has my video of me getting my braces

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#8 Post by HeyTeach »

As a teacher I see lots of kids and actually many adults in braces and never really knew about the nerd status. Some kids with braces are nerdy some are not, and it's not their teeth.

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