Molar aches & headaches

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Molar aches & headaches

#1 Post by funshine »

For the last couple of weeks it seems as if my molars have been aching a bit. Almost everyday I find myself with a headache, as well. Do you think these are related? Anyone else have braces-related headaches? :?

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#2 Post by Lisa65 »

I had that problem for a while a year or so back. My molars were being moved a lot and were very tender. I would clench my teeth in my sleep and the pain would wake me up and I'd almost have to force my mouth back open to release the pressure, and I had almost constant low grade headaches.
Hopefully once your bite shifts a bit you will not be so uncomfortable and the headaches will stop.

Miss Smiley
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#3 Post by Miss Smiley »

I recently started having headaches during the day and two of my molars are quite sore. I do find myself having to unclench my jaws to relieve the soreness a bit. But this is nothing compared to the night time bruxism and clenching at the beginning of treatment.
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#4 Post by funshine »

Thanks for your responses, ladies. I try not to clenth too much. Actually my teeth don't fit well together right now so I'm trying to keep my jaw loose instead. Hoping headaches go away soon.

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#5 Post by jmrut22 »

Yeah I usually get a headache the day after an adjustment. I used to get them all the time before the braces because of my bite. Then when I got my braces on the headaches stopped. Now I get one usually after an adjustment and thats it.
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#6 Post by Kjaere »

I don't have full braces on yet, just this fun pendulum moving my molars back... and everyday I have a headache and my molars ache.. no fun... I just try to remember to take advil before I eat, because I usually start hurting the most after I eat... I just try to deal with it... we'll see how it goes when I get the braces on too :roll:

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