broken bracket on brace day

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broken bracket on brace day

#1 Post by Miranbrady20 »

my bracket broke off before i was about to go to sleep as i was brushing my teeth.... did i brush too hard and fast or was it prob not on good enough? what if my ortho cant see me tomorrow? will this delay my treatment and if so... for how long... this is all thats flying thru my head im so scared... its not even like i got a change to be happy in them and they are falling off already!!!!!!

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#2 Post by funshine »

I think it's pretty common for a bracket to come off sometimes during the first few days. It probably didn't bond well initially. The ortho should just be able to put another bracket on quickly enough. Usually orthos have space set aside for these unexpected type of visits, so hopefully he'll be able to see you tomorrow.

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#3 Post by danz23 »

yep, its common. Mine came off within an hour of being braced and the bracket was just hanging by the wire! All I did was open my mouth and it happened! Lucky I was able to turn round and go straight back into the office :). I was on archwired asking the same question as you have as soon as possible! Hope you got another appointment ok and that you are not experiencing too much discomfort.
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#4 Post by sparkles »

I had a bracket come off within 10 minutes of leaving the ortho. And then another one came off the next day after eating a rice cake!
First bracket came off because of the way my teeth bite together, second either because of what I ate or it wasn't bonded strongly enough.
Really common to happen and your ortho should be able to fix it no probs :)

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#5 Post by spartanforever »

don't bracket came off the next day..apparently its fairly fact even the ortho told me that it might happen. Really depends on on how contaminated the glue became..

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#6 Post by ¤sabrina¤ »

when i first got my braces it was about mid day, by the next morning a bracket was off
when it got rebonded a week later another one became loose within a few hours
my ortho decided to leave it off for 6weeks and then rebonded it
since then non have come off
i guess it may have really been the tensioning, i thought it was faulty bonding
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#7 Post by catfish »

I lost a bracket a few days after it was applied, when I was out of town on business! I was having breakfast with my coworkers when suddenly the scrambled egg I was chewing felt like it had a rock in it. I had to discreetly (I hope!) spit it out in my napkin! LOL
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