Timing issues

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Timing issues

#1 Post by mcr11 »

I am just wondering, how long is the time between the very first examination, diagnostic records, and then the placing of braces? Last week I was told to schedule an orthodontist appointment, but their office's earliest one was August 19 which was surprising. For you guys, how much time passed between your first step in the orthodontist's office, and the first day you got braces? Thanks guys.

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#2 Post by ArchAngle »

3 months in my case. Couple months sounds right. Ortho needs to work out a game plan and perhaps even consult with others or with a work group etc.

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#3 Post by landela »

For me, I called in on a Monday, got an appointment for that Wednesday for a consultation. At the consultation I agreed to go with it and they did x-rays, molds, and spacers. I was back to following Thursday to get braced. I was actually really pleasantly surprised at how quickly they were able to do it all, but they do have 3 orthos in the office, so that may help.

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#4 Post by browneyedgrl »

I had my consult on 11/13/07 received my treatment letter on the 15th and I made my records/banding appointment on 1/10/08. I could have done it sooner, but I was waiting for my FSA money to kick in at the beginning of the year.

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#5 Post by MsViola »

About 3 months, but that was only because I wanted to wait until I took a previously scheduled cruise and got through the Christmas holidays.........unfortunately I got spacers a week before Christmas so that I could have the braces put on before the Spring semester started.

I could have gotten them right after the records. In the end I was happy I waited. Unexpectedly, my husband's job switched to a dental insurance company that included adult orthodontics 2 weeks before I got braces.

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#6 Post by MsViola »

excuse me please!

1/17/07 - Upper (Clear) & Lower (Metal - self ligatating) Braces
Estimated treatment time = 30-36 months

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#7 Post by stitch »

I first called the ortho on a Saturday, left a message on their answering machine, and was called back the following Monday asking if I'd like to come in that day. I got the consult that day, and made an appointment to get xrays done the next day. Back in the ortho's on Wednesday to go over the xrays. Made the banding appointment for the following Monday - braces on! :D

So, all up it was one week in total from initial consult to being braced - I guess this seems rather quick, but I'd had the idea running around my head of getting braces for quite a while and was committed to finally getting them. The price seemed about right too (talking to others I know who have braces) and they're all a friendly bunch of people there too.

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#8 Post by Faerydust »

I think my consult was in Feb. and then my xrays/impressions/photos/braces were all done at the next appointment in March. I went in expecting to have just xrays and impressions done at my second appointment, but came out with my braces on! :o
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#9 Post by Audra »

I called for a consult on April 22.
Consult was scheduled for May 14th.
Impressions/x-rays done June 2nd (I had to wait until I had a tooth extracted as i had a fractured tooth rooth from a previous root canal).
Braces go on July 7th. My ortho uses a software program called Insignia where the impressions are sent off and the brackets come back in a tray to bond onto the teeth.


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#10 Post by purpleteeth »

I think it took about 1-2 weeks to get a consult scheduled because of my work schedule. At my consult, they had my previous records (or they got them later that day from my referring dentist). They did x-rays, molds, and physical exam. Total time was about an hour.

I was off work for the day of my consult. Decided mid-afternoon I was going with the first office I visited (saw two different drs), shopped that night for all the supplies I would need, then went to bed without binging much on candy or popcorn. Went to work the following morning, left work and got my braces, came back and finished my shift -- piece of whipped creame pie! I even drooled.... :oops:

Between consult and brace time was only 24hrs. I think I had a 10am or 1030am eval or something... and had them on the next day at like 10am or something. I was in one day, on the next. No brackets have ever popped off, no wires loose, no breaks... nothing. Just tons and tons of crazy moving teeth and bite issues.

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eh to zed
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#11 Post by eh to zed »

2 weeks.

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#12 Post by markGl »

took me about a month from my consultation.. in which time i had to get 6 cavitys filled and four extractions done and a week in spacers.. and the cleaning.. yea last month i was a mess

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#13 Post by Maverick »

I'm so inpatient!

I had my Records appointment last week and now I have to wait 2 weeks for the Final Consultation....
...and then I have to wait for the banding appointment, which I don't know when that will be, but they said before the end of July!

Oh well, I just have to hurry up and wait. :roll:

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#14 Post by lionfish »

It was 3 months between my first consult and the braces going on.

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#15 Post by Tin Indian »

Mine was 7 days from my consult to my brace day.
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