Orthodontist appointment in 2 days LOL

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Orthodontist appointment in 2 days LOL

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Sooo yall can see from my previous posts that I had a mouthful of braces from October 2013 to March/May 2015. (My bottom braces stayed on an additional 6 or so weeks) And then, not fully satisfied with my bottom arch, I went back to another orthodontist for 6 more months of braces on my lower arch.

So I've been living the good ol naked (teeth) life since June 2016!

And theeennnnnnnn...... out of nowhere, spaces opened up between some teeth on my top arch. You can't see them, but food is getting impacted in the gaps when I eat, which is just DISGUSTING.

To you give you an idea of how big they are, they are just barely big enough to slide the end of a Crystal Light drink powder thing through. Small enough to be invisable, but big enough to be a massive pain in the ass.

On the left side, the gap is between my first and second bicuspid.

On the right side, the gaps are between my first and second bicuspids and my second bicuspid and first molar.

I've got an appointment with the orthodontist on Thursday to see what can be done....

I'm hopeful they can do something with my retainer, but I'm doubtful since there aren't any fancy doodads on my retainer that they can reposition to move those teeth.

I'm preparing for the worst case scenario -- braces AGAIN.

I'm upset about potentially having to through all that AGAIN, but at least it'll only be my top arch. My bottom arch is still perfect and THAT retainer still fits like a glove.

But I feel like this has to be taken care of, or else my teeth will continue to move and the problems will only get worse.

If it's a choice between Invisalign and braces, I'm doing braces. Still undecided if I would do ceramic again like when I had them 10 years ago, or if I want to just say screw it and go with metal. I'm leaning towards metal because who cares?

Here's a picture from January 2015 when I had Damon's -- the top front 6 were ceramic but metal everywhere else. They really were discreet, but dadgum they were bulky!
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