Braces in one month

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Braces in one month

#1 Post by gendy »

In an exact month, on June 13 they will put the traditional metal braces on me. At no time did the orthodontist tell me that they can get colored and I want it that way. Do you think I should wait until the day they put it on and tell me what color I want them or won't they? Besides, what color do you recommend in a boy? I thought about putting on braces of each color, what do you think?

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Re: Braces in one month

#2 Post by twentytwenty »

I was in the chair when I asked if I get to pick the colours, and they handed me a chart with all the colours. Pick what you want! Currently I'm on all purple because I've only got 4 brackets, but once I get all the other brackets put in I'll definitely be picking a nicer pattern of colours.

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Re: Braces in one month

#3 Post by js6js6 »

I know I’m a bit late to this post, but personally, I always stuck with navy blue when I had my braces (and probably will do the same if I end up in them again) - felt like a happy medium of color and neutrality. I’m personally of the opinion that darker colors generally work better - I think they make your teeth look whiter, as opposed to lighter colors which have a tendency to make teeth look yellow.

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