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Re: Huge open bite mostly fixed without surgery

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2023 1:36 pm
by bigopenbite
Yah they are reluctant because if it doesn't work, some patients get upset and want their money back, sue, complain etc. And the surgery is more predictable. Most adults would refuse headgear. Glad you found someone, I t took me 10 years to find someone. I can confirm the 1000% part on the compliance, headgear did nothing for me until I was wearing it over 20hrs/day. I am down to 8hrs/day now just to hold things wear they are. Openbites are highly prone to relapse. I may need to even wear the headgear a few nights a week even when I get retainers, but we'll see. Still better then surgery though which can also relapse. Although rare my Ortho has had a few surgery openbite paitents over the years that had to have surgery twice due to relapse.