Need advice/help about uprighting second molars

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Need advice/help about uprighting second molars

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I had braces as a kid and my teeth were straight and no issues with my bite. Over the years I experienced relapse with my front teeth and I decided to do invisalign to try to fix the problem for purely aesthetic reasons. This is where the problem began. The plan was to broaden my molars to essentially move the front teeth in. The tipping action of the molars made my bite unstable and midway through the treatment (12 trays out of 19) I elected to stop treatment. I decided to wear the aligners in reverse so that I could try and resolve the bite issue. Everything moved back for the most part (not perfectly) except for the second molars, so now they are more tipped and not sitting well in relation to the rest of the bite. This is causing me severe discomfort and I have been trying to resolve this for a while. I decided to seek orthodontic treatment to fix this and I was recommended invisalign again. The plan was to put an attachment on the back of the tooth as well as the front to try and leverage it to tip. I'm only on tray 2 and I can tell it's making the tooth tip out even worse. I tried to speak to the orthodontist about this and he's completely dismissive of my concern and wants me to keep going. He won't even have me come in to take a look at it. Upon doing more research I've found out that invisalign is not good for these types of movements. I don't want to risk moving forward only to have these teeth tip out more and causing me even more discomfort. So my questions are:

1.) How can I upright the second molars without the use of invisalign or a full set of braces? I'm weary of both and was wondering if there was an isolation technique that could be used with brackets?
2.) Can I technically have a third party remove my current attachments? I'm having a bad experience with my current orthodontist and I don't feel comfortable having him take a grinder to my teeth. He seems a bit negligent and I frankly don't trust him at this point.

Thank you so much for your help.

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