Self ligating Braces - 4months in

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Self ligating Braces - 4months in

#1 Post by Puddles1987 »


I would love some opinions on my braces journey please. I love my dentist and he is happy with my progress but I have some issues,

My mid line is way off centre
One half of my top arch is lower than the other (I now have elastics to wear which my dentist says will help)

Do you think I will ever achieved the perfect result with my teeth ie my anterior bite closing and bite aligned and midpoint correct?

Any opinion is welcomed I know my teeth don’t look great right now though :?



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Re: Self ligating Braces - 4months in

#2 Post by TCCZ »

Well welcome to the journey and nice progress. My mid line was also off because I remember the ortho telling my so very specifically. Part of the elastics I have been in were to correct that and it worked. And I am not an ortho but I will say to answer your question, yes you will achieve the results you seek but perfect results is kind of a high bar to meet. I had all of the issues that you mention and all have been addressed over time. At 14 months in I have to say I am very pleased with my results.

So in finishing, I would say do not worry about how your teeth look now and maybe settle for 99% better, teeth are all different sizes and shapes and getting them all to fit as perfectly as they will allow takes time. So do exactly what they tell you and in the end I am 100% sure you will very happy with the results.

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