My Braces Journey

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My Braces Journey

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So I started this over on viewtopic.php?f=3&t=54157 - the introduction forum, but I thought I'd start posting over here since this forum seems more appropriate.

Things have been going pretty well the first six months. I thought I was breezing through this whole braces thing, but at yesterday's appointment, the orthodontist put on closing coils (only on uppers) and powerchains (top and bottom) to start closing my extraction spaces, as well as the random spaces between a few top teeth that showed up. Since I have self-ligating braces, I was disappointed when I wouldn't be choosing fun color bands. With the powerchains, I was excited to finally get to choose a fun color. (I chose navy blue.) I also had my archwires changed to stainless steel (18 on top, 16 on bottom I think).

Now, the other times I've had my archwires changed, I've had some soreness and discomfort the first night, but that would quickly go away. I didn't even really have much of an issue with rubbing or poking wires or anything. I even told the orthodontist that I almost didn't think my braces were doing anything because I was having so little discomfort. I don't know if he took that as a challenge, but dang if I'm not on the verge of whimpering today. Wow.

Anyway, eventually I will have to take some more progress pics, when I'm not suffering :lol:

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