Which Orthodontist, how to choose!

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Which Orthodontist, how to choose!

#1 Post by task »

I've been considering braces for a while, now in my late 30s, and finally plucked up the courage to visit several orthos for a "free consultation"

First ortho advised Class 3/end to end bite with malocclusion, said about 2 years in braces with class 3 elastics and would get best results with fixed braces.
Second ortho advised the same bite but said 9 months in braces with some elastics and would use Invisalign with roughly the same result.

Spoke to a few orthodontists on the phone who advised they wouldn't use a fixed brace for anything less than 12 months.

I've booked a third consultation for next week and will see what time scales and treatment is advised.

I'm not sure I have the discipline for Invisalign and nearly every other Ortho has said that the best results in my case would be with a fixed brace, plus with elastics then it's no so discreet, cost of the fixed brace is also cheaper.

Am I right to be wary of the shorter time frame?
Am I likely to get a better result in the fixed brace?
Has anyone had a similar treatment and can advise?


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Re: Which Orthodontist, how to choose!

#2 Post by kplatt2010 »

Hello-yes be wary of an ortho who is telling you he can get everything corrected in under 12 months. Most treatment plans will be ~24 months or longer in my case. Not saying this is what happened in your case but I think some of these consults say what they think you want to hear so they can get you in the door.

I think getting braces as an adult is totally different than getting braces as a teen. As an adult, (a) I'm paying for it, and (b) I want it done right because this will be a one shot deal.

In regards to the fixed braces; this is what I did because I needed jaw surgery too. The fixed braces have a few options too (i.e. clear vs. metal). I had the clear on the top and metal on the bottom. With hindsight that I now have, I think I would've gone all metal. Why? Because I drink a lot of coffee and those clear braces even with me diligently cleaning became not so clear with time. You will be surprised who will even notice the braces.

It's funny too because you don't want to be the only 'brace face' and in my case it's like I started a trend. I have seven coworkers and since I started; three others went and started invisalign. We have a toothbrushing brigade now in the bathroom in the morning. :lol:

Braces are not for the faint of heart type individual. In my experience it was not so much the pain of teeth shifting; that hurt too, but the pain of the braces rubbing my cheeks. I was also a tooth grinder at night and the first few nights I not only bit the inside of my cheeks but then indented them with the braces. Owie!! Wax is your friend! Ortho wax may be cheap and you might need to try out a few kinds to see which kind molds and sticks the best (Walgreens had a good one). Then on top of that keeping those bad boys clean - get a WaterPik and Powerbrush! They will be your best friends!

Here's an informational website about braces that I found that might be of help.
http://www.bracesguide.com/duringbraces ... tions.html
Good Luck with Picking the Finalist.

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