new tongue crib

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Re: new tongue crib

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How long did you have to wear your crib? Did you speech improve? I just got a new one on Friday and it's even worse. My orthodontist said I was compensating with the crib by having a lateral thrust so I got a new crib that keeps my tongue from the front teeth and the side front teeth too. I go to speech therapy so I'm hoping that helps. Is the tongue crib necessary?

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Re: new tongue crib

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Can you post some pictures?
Sectional brace with Damon clear brackets fitted to front 6 upper teeth 3 January 2012
Brackets added to premolars 2 April 2012
Estimated treatment time originally 6-9 months
. Brace removed on 22 July 2013 after 18 months and 19 days
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Re: new tongue crib

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As an update, I struggled so much with the new tongue crib, that my orthodontist consulted with my speech therapist and I got the old tongue crib back. It does hang low and speaking is difficult, but it is better than with the other one. I am now wearing my headgear 14-16 hours a day, and am actually getting used to it. I'm doing better with my elastics too and have been working to practice breathing through my nose rather than my mouth. This week, my orthodontist activated my herbst, moving my jaw further forward. My teeth don't fully touch now and it again feels like my jaw is jutting too far forward. But I am happy with the results of my profile, that I have a distinct jawline. I met with the surgeon last week and we have set a date for the chin implant surgery in early November. He wanted me to still be in the herbst and braces so that my orthodontist could adjust my bite if needed, but wanted the work of the herbst to be mostly complete.

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