Quest to getting these OFF!

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Quest to getting these OFF!

#1 Post by Lashaquana » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:40 pm

Hello! So... I've started my treatment back in about 2014, and during 2015, my insurance got cut off because I became 21 mid-treatment. I've had trouble getting some insurance over the years and as of February 2018, I'm insured with WellCare.

My first thoughts? Get these braces off... A bracket is broken, the rubber bands snapped off, they need to be finished ASAP.

I called my old orthodontists and they said they would not take my insurance, and if they did, they would not work on me because they are a children's orthodontists. I've called around and it seems no one in the area takes my insurance or even do adult orthodontics without spending a huge chunk of money.

I really need these off, but I can't afford to pay out of pocket... I thought the insurance would help but it's just a slap in my face saying, "you tried, but failed, HA!"

I really don't know what to do, I don't know who to talk to, and I have no leads on my next steps to getting these off. I'm -this- close to getting some plyers and taking them off myself. If anyone could point me in a good direction, I would truly appreciate that.

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