Two years into second round of braces

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Two years into second round of braces

#1 Post by Adultbraceface » Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:20 am

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting, but I’ve visited this site often and have read a lot of helpful info since I’ve had my braces on.

Long story short, I had braces at age 15. I had them on for a year total. My uppers went on first and I got my lowers on three months later. Six months after that I had my uppers removed and three months after that the lowers were removed. My teeth definitely improved during that time but I didn’t realize that a more complete job could have been done.

My brackets didn’t go all the way to my back molars. My retainer didn’t fit properly after treatment and my orthodontist dismissed my concerns. I first noticed an issue when a friend of mine made a comment about my teeth when we were looking at our school pictures... “one side is higher than the other” and from then on I was increasingly self-conscious.

I was unable to afford braces in my early adult life and kind of accepted the way my teeth looked. Around age 28 I had some professional photos taken of me and my daughters for Mother’s Day and they turned out great, but I kept being drawn to my teeth and decided that I really wanted to take the plunge and get them fixed properly this time.

I got them on in December 2015. So much has happened since I got them on, from seeing three different doctors to having few different appliances and encountering a few concerns along the way, but I’ve tracked a lot of my progress and plan to share it all here in future posts.

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